Is Dr. Greene the one that was formerly at Greenville ENT?  Yes.  He was a physician at Greenville ENT from 1996-2006, and is now the only physician at Provident ENT.  He is on good terms with Greenville ENT, which became part of Greenville Hospital System in 2009.

What is a PA?  A PA is a medical provider who can provide care, prescribe medicines, and do procedures on patients, under a supervising physician.  Carrie Schaller is the Physician Assistant at Provident ENT.  She sees patients, often post-op checks, for and with Dr. Greene, under his direction.  Painting with a broad brush, a PA could be considered a Master's Degree physician. 

Do I need a referral?  Yes, regardless of insurance requirements, Dr. Greene has chosen to serve and work with your primary physician.  He even requires a referral for friends and family.  Carrie Schaller, PA-C can sometimes see appropriate patients on a self-referral basis.  You may see Ellen Miele for hearing services without a referral.

Can a family member bring my child for an appointment?  Yes, with the parent or guardian's permission, though we prefer the parent or guardian bring a minor in for a visit.   Only the parent or guardian may give consent for procedures or surgery.  We do not accept telephone consent from the authorized parent or guardian.  It is important to know that Dr. Greene will not repeat or recap an office visit over the phone, so the person bringing the patient in should be able to provided us with needed information and bring a report back.  The goal of this policy is to keep different parties from feeling like they have conflicting information.

Can I bring multiple children in at the same time?  Yes, up to two patients can have appointments together.  Rarely, we've been asked to see three or four patients at the same visit, and that exceeds our resources.  All people who need to be seen do need an appointment.

Do I need to see Dr. Greene to have a hearing test or get a hearing aid.?  Not necessarily.  Your primary care physician can refer you for a hearing test alone.  Also, you may see Ellen without a referral.  South Carolina law requires medical clearance for a hearing aid to be dispensed, and while you may waive that requirement, we recommend that a provider see you to confirm that that is the proper treatment for you.

How do I get my medical records?  It is easiest to get your records at the time of a visit, so we know we have your consent to release them.  There is not a charge to fax them to another provider.  If we have to make copies or print them, there may be a small fee.  We cannot provide other physicians' records to you. 

Do I need to provide outside medical records?  Usually the referring office will send some records, and any other needed records can be obtained with your written consent when, or after, you come in.

What about after-hours care?  We pride ourselves on providing you with what you need, and information on what do do if a problem comes up after hours.  In general, problems that come up on the weekend fall into two categories:  1) those things that can wait until we reopen, or 2) those things for which you should be seen.  In other words, we feel that medical care should not be provided by phone.   If you have a need after hours, St. Francis has an after hours clinic at the Millenium Campus.  Tel. 864-991-1956.  If you have an emergency, you should call 911 or go to the emergency room.  Dr. Greene only sees patients at St. Francis Emergency Rooms.